About Us


Office : 57, Apt: 4, Road No. 4/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka -1209; 
Contact: 01675739052, 01730135992

To set up export orient Kawa Cafts Ltd. Leather industry in Bangladesh and to establish, setup leather and foot wear industries, from finish leather-to-leather goods. To produce, manufacture and process all kinds of leather & leather goods export, women’s clothing Fashion item, marketing & distribution. To set up and establish industry(s) for the purpose of manufacturing of all kinds of Leather product goods, Sandal and Shoes for women, men and children & export, Marketing, distribution. To produce and sell any or all sorts of leather, leather goods, textiles, espadrilles to run the industries so establish.

Servicing the complete leather and leather product needs of select clients, we have built enduring associations with major global brands such and others. Providing specialised leather solutions, our forte is consistent quality and individualised service, honed to suit specific clients and end products.

We are an industry leader in environmentally conscious leather production and global perspectives. Through the activities of our extensive in-house R&D and the use of emerging technologies, we have created and incorporated eco-friendly processes into our leather manufacturing processes. All our facilities are regularly audited to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of corporate responsibility and social compliance, as we go above and beyond basic requirements.